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The Moss Tents brand was born in the imagination of one man: fabric artist and designer Bill Moss. Most widely known for the invention of the pop tent, Bill Moss revolutionized the way people around the world experienced the outdoors in temporary structures.
Bill and his wife, Marilyn and his production team designed thousands of unorthodox tents, structures and canopies using tensile architectural shape and form. The breadth and depth of Moss invention has a nearly omniscient impact on modern outdoor backpacking, camping and expedition adventures. Extreme expeditionists and adventurers of all kinds idolize the Moss brand for its contributions to the wondrous experiences Moss technologies have enabled them to experience.
MOSS Tent works was founded in 1975 in Camden, Maine, under the name Tent Works Ltd by fabric artist and designer Bill Moss with his wife and business partner, Marilyn Moss. Over the next four decades, the company changed its name to MOSS Tent works, MOSS Inc., and MOSS Design International. Initially, the company designed and produced innovative, high performance camping tents, backyard and beach products, and architectural canopies, but later expanded into trade show exhibits.
MOSS backpacking tents were the acknowledged best in the world.
MOSS Tents was so successful that the company eventually sold its tent division to REI in 1994.
"MOSS Tents played a critical role in our achievement.
...Your tents are undoubtedly the best tents in the world."


-Steve Davis, Deputy Leader American Ama Dablam North Ridge Exp.

MOSS Adventures' experiences are a reflection of the inspiration we find daily in the wild. We are dedicated to creating great adventures that will resonate with your love of the outdoors and connect you with your courageous self. At the end of the day, we want to build life-changing experiences, build trust in the value of our teachings, and help connect all those with a zeal for exploring and venturing out into the wilderness. MOSS Adventures offers handcrafted itineraries and experiences in the breathtaking remote settings of the World. We believe the adventure is inherently a life-altering experience. MOSS has some of the world's top professional guides to help teach you the skills of every adventure we offer.

It is our hope to create and offer something that will give you the self-confidence and skills for the challenges that life throws at you.

MOSS Adventures is a full outdoor experience basecamp for adventure enthusiasts from all walks of life. If you love adventure and the great outdoors, you're in the right place!

Headquartered in Raton - New Mexico - the heart of the United States western wilderness, MOSS Adventures was established based on the legacy of MOSS Tents, the tents that changed the world. The mission behind MOSS Adventures celebrates the connection we all have to the untamed wilderness.

Find out what you are truly capable of!


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