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Shayne Young
Expedition team leader + Co-founder

Shayne Young is the expedition team leader and Land Rover expert of Moss Adventures. Originally from Australia, Shayne is known for his mechanical prowess, cheeky sense of humor, and his ability to tackle any challenge that comes his way. His reputation as a master mechanic precedes him, and he is often called upon by the Land Rover community for his extensive knowledge and expertise.

Shayne's love for adventure and all things mechanical began at a young age. As a child, he would spend hours tinkering with engines and taking things apart to see how they worked. This curiosity and passion for mechanics have stayed with him throughout his life and have made him the genius that he is today.

Shayne's expertise in Land Rovers is second to none. He has traveled the world in his customized Land Rovers, which he has modified to fit his specific needs. His knowledge of Land Rovers has been instrumental in the development of Moss Adventures and has allowed the company to offer unique and unforgettable experiences to its clients.

Aside from Land Rovers, Shayne is also an accomplished adventure biker. He has traveled across the world on his adventure bikes, exploring remote and exotic locations that most people could only dream of. His love for adventure and the great outdoors is evident in the incredible images he captures on his travels.

Despite his serious mechanical skills, Shayne has a cheeky sense of humor that endears him to everyone he meets. He is always quick with a joke or a prank, and his infectious personality makes him a favorite among clients and colleagues alike. In conclusion, Shayne Young is a true master of all things mechanical and a leader of the Moss Adventures team, whose love for adventure, humor, and expertise make him an integral part of the company's identity.

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