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Designed in 1970 by Bill Moss, The Moss Optimum 200 is shaped like a three-leafed clover, a central space surrounded by three bays. The tent's central pole is the only interior obstruction, 200 square feet of livable area and head room throughout averages 9 feet. The unique tensile design allows the Op200 to withstand 150-mile-per-hour winds. When the outside temperatures reach the lows, the wood burning stove brings the inside to a very comfortable, cozy warmth. If outside temperatures reach above 100 degrees, the inside structure stays a refreshing 85 degrees. It is treated for additional waterproofing and its flame retardant as well, meeting Federal standards. 

All site locations will feature our solar powered grid system. Each site is tied into a main grid so any excess power generation is fed into a "community battery" which is used to recharge the community cars, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters. All of our environmentally friendly hospitality products are locally sourced.

  • Wilderness education conferences

  • Beekeeping husbandry

  • Firefly weeks

  • Family reunions

  • Workplace team building

  • Off-road driving and recovery

  • Wilderness medicine training

  • Wilderness survival

  • Father and son survival connection

  • Women's skill training retreat

  • Wilderness cooking

  • Dutch oven weekends and lessons

  • Cowboy Ken Rowling's cooking week

  • Fly fishing instruction weekends

  • Electric bike trail rides

  • Equestrian training and trail rides

Camp with comfort & confidence.

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